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Animation is a Progressive Power Rock Trio located in Los Angeles  


Animation specializes in original progressive rock and is a modern interpretation of the more developed British, American and Canadian Rock of the late sixties and early seventies. If you liked bands such as Yes, ELP, Genesis, Pink Floyd, King Crimson,  Rush, The Beatles, The Moody Blues, Led Zeppelin, The Doors, Santana, Jimi Hendrix, Boston, and others of that enlightened era, then you will appreciate these influences found today in the Music of Animation. 


The Music of Animation combines elements of Rock, Jazz, Classical, Blues and Pop into a reminiscent, yet uniquely accessible and diverse form of contemporary art.  We went with the name Animation because – as in animated cinema – anything can happen, musically restricted only to the limits of imagination. 


Animation was the brainchild of Eric Charles and Steve Liller in the Late Seventies.  Writing many songs in a genre both ahead of its time and at the tail end of an era left the group itself in a state of suspended animation that was at times both aggressively and passively pursued over the past twenty-five years.  All the while our skills as songwriters and players continued to evolve.  Now, and in view of the state of the art in society, we have decided to give our concept another chance to be heard. 


Finally, Animation’s first published work is now available from our website. We hope you enjoy this heartfelt and cherished style of music with songs written over the years and influenced by various Animation band members both past and present.