In 2009 in an unprecedented turn of events, Eric Charles moves to Venice California to pursue and market the Music of Animation. In a bold and well planned move, Eric now resides in paradise on the beach near the Origin of the Doors and the Jim Morrison Building. Currently the Band is working on the presentation of The Music of Animation to Industry Professionals.


Venice Beach From Eric's Apt

Venice Beach From Eric's Window


Animation Gig






Greg Smart agrees to appear in the live presentation of Animation.

Last year Eric severed his finger on a floodlight bulb that broke while being changed in a freak accident thus spawning the question, how many Erics does it take to change a light bulb. Finally after a 2 and 1/2 hour surgery to reconnect the nerves, arteries and tendons and a year in recovery, with very lucky results in healing, Eric is currently pursuing  the project of redeveloping the live show. 

        Animation Plays and releases their Album "Origins" at Local Festival August 26th


Animation announces new line-up in personnel!
Band to continue on as power trio!



Eric Charles takes over as keyboardist and continues his guitar player and lead vocal roles as Steve Liller bows out amicably as active keyboard player in order to remain faithful to his ongoing local club band South Street.



    Animation Announces their first "unofficial test gig"!  Animation had a very successful show at the Laserdome !  

Fortunately  all systems were go and in working order and the Animators had a really good gig!


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